Record CE/CMEs before the deadline and be renewal ready.

Posted in Latest News on January 14, 2015.

The Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) verifies your continuing education (CE/CME) records in the electronic tracking system when you renew your license.  MQA launched its “Are You Renewal Ready?” campaign as part of MQA’s commitment to increase awareness of this new requirement and expeditiously license health care professionals who meet statutorily mandated standards of competency.

The “Are You Renewal Ready?” campaign implementation has two phases to provide a smooth transition for all practitioners and CE/CME providers.  During Phase 1, the Department encouraged practitioners to start learning about the electronic tracking system and report course completion.  CE Broker ( is the official CE/CME electronic tracking system for Florida’s health care professionals and the Florida Department of Health.  Practitioners were prompted, but not required, to self-report CE/CME hours when they renewed their license.  This phase ends with professions expiring April 30, 2015.

Once Phase 2 begins, you must report course completion before your license can be renewed. The Department encourages you to log in to the tracking system before applying for renewal to ensure your information is complete and accurate.  Although most CE/CME providers report CE/CME classes to CE Broker immediately, they legally have 90 days to report classes.  Verifying timely reporting by CE/CME providers shortly after course completion is your key to a seamless renewal experience.

There is no cost to create a basic account with CE Broker, although additional subscription options are available to best meet your needs. The CE/CME electronic tracking system is designed to simplify CE/CME reporting. This easy and convenient system will help you gain peace of mind by tracking your CE/CME history and digitally storing your hours and certificates.  Even if you have never logged into CEBroker, you already have a free account.  Go to CE, click on “Get Started” and follow the prompts to create the Basic Account.  It is that easy!

Not sure what CE/CMEs are still needed?  Visit to view your CE/CME requirements.  CE Broker powers the official course search for the Florida Department of Health.

After CE/CME hours have been reported and verified, the license renewal process is quick and easy. Just log in to to complete the renewal process!

Be stress free: Record CE/CMEs far before the deadline and be renewal ready.  

To learn more about Are You Renewal Ready?, visit

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