Licensure Options for Evacuees from Puerto Rico

Posted in Latest News on October 30, 2017.

All applicants must fully complete and submit the required licensure application form. Applicants may submit proof of the required education by the methods indicated below for the Board’s determination of acceptance:

  1. a true copy of the applicant’s transcript sent directly to the Board, or
  2. electronic submission through the National Student Clearinghouse, or
  3. electronic submission through the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Board’s (ASPPB) Mobility Program, or
  4. electronic submission through the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

Applicants who have banked their original supervised experience credentials with the Association of State & Provincial Psychology Boards, National Register for Health Service Psychologists, American Board of Professional Psychology, with other states of licensure or with facilities in which post-doctoral experience was completed, might request documents be provided from those sources for the Board’s review and determination as to acceptance. Additionally, if a state or territory has submitted official verifications of a Puerto Rico license to any of these entities, the applicant may submit for review and determination as to whether acceptable.

Section 490.006(1)(b), F.S., allows applicants possessing a diplomate in good standing with the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) may endorse that credential without the need to provide education and experience documentation.

A temporary provisional license is only available to persons able to 1) provide proof of completion (transcripts) of a doctorate degree in psychology from a program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and 2) provide the required signature and agreement of a Florida-licensed psychologist willing to provide supervision.

Further assistance and information may be obtained by contacting the Board Office at

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