2020 Psychologist Renewal Deadline Extended

Posted in Latest News on May 13, 2020.


On May 28, 2020, Florida Department of Health Emergency Order DOH 20-008 extended the licensure renewal period through August 31, 2020. If you have not renewed your license, please complete the steps below to ensure timely renewal. Please visit the Board’s renewal pages for details on your continuing education (CE) and renewal fee requirements.

Tips for a Successful Renewal

  1. After completing the required continuing education hours, confirm all courses are reported to your personal CEBroker tracking account.  The Department of Health’s renewal system will automatically check your CEBroker account for compliance and not allow renewal if all required hours are not documented.  If you do not have a CEBroker account, please visit https://cebroker.com/fl/plans or call 1-877-434-6323 for assistance.
  2. If the course provider has not timely reported your courses to CEBroker, you have the option to report the courses yourself to your personal CEBroker account. STEPS TO SELF REPORT BOARD-APPROVED CE CREDITS
    1) Login to your CEBroker account at www.cebroker.com.
    2) Select “Report CE Hours” on your dashboard.
    3) For each CE course you are reporting, you will need to select the appropriate CE category under which to report and then select the “Begin” button.
    4) On the next screens, you will enter the course information.
    5) Once all questions are answered, you will be given the option to attach your CE completion certificates. If you do not want to attach, simply click the button titled “MAINTAIN YOUR OWN DOCUMENTATION”, answer the next question that pops up and then press “Continue”. If you maintain your own documentation, the Board requires you keep on file for at least 2 years after the renewal.
    6) The last screen will be an attestation. Once you get to this page, simply select “Submit Now”.
    7) The next page will give you a confirmation receipt with a green check mark indicating your credit was submitted.
    8) Repeat these steps for each course you are submitting. Contact CEBroker at 1-877-434-66323 if assistance is needed!
  3. Finally, submit your renewal application and fee online to the Department of Health
    Once you have confirmed your courses are fully documented in your CEBroker account, visit the Department of Health’s website to submit the renewal application and the renewal fee at www.flhealthsource.gov. Contact the MQA Customer Contact Center at 850-488-0595 if you have any technical difficulty with the online renewal. If you cannot renew online, you can also call this number to request a paper renewal application. Paper renewals must be postmarked no later than August 31, 2020 to avoid delinquency fees.

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